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Exploring Vocational Eyewear Exploring Vocational Eyewear

Exploring Vocational Eyewear

This month we're taking a look at how the type of glasses you wear effect your ability to work effectively.

Once we reach our mid 40's and begin to need additional help for reading, we can also find that our working environment needs to be considered. Whether we like it or not, computers are a big part of working life and it's not always practical to view your screen at the same distance that you'd read a book at.

Is your screen against a wall?, are you in the middle of an office and need to see around the room?, are you using multiple monitors? All these questions and much more are considered when we perform a visual task analysis to determined the correct type of glasses you need to work effectively.

For some a simple pair of intermediate vision glasses will work well, however for others a more complex solution such as degressive reading lenses, vocational varifocals or even a separate pair, just for work, may be required.

At Noakes Habermehl & Kerr we offer a comprehensive range of vocational solutions and more importantly we make sure there is plenty of time to fully discuss your lifestyle, work environment and prescription requirements so that when we recommend a solution, we know it will work for you.

Exploring Vocational Eyewear


Specialist glasses that help alleviate the symptoms of some forms of visual dyslexia.


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