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My contact lenses are so comfortable

My contact lenses are so comfortable

Discover how impartial advice can help you find the perfect fit

Our Opticians always supply and fit contact lenses based on your clinical requirements. Our promise is
to only recommend lenses based on fitting, suitability and comfort. If you’re feed up with lenses that
pop out, with lenses you can only wear for half the day, then perhaps it’s time to leave the cattle market
and discover how impartial advice can help find a lens that’s perfect for you.

Delighted with my new look

Discover how impartial advice can help you find the perfect look

Our Qualified Dispensing Opticians will never be rushed into just you selling a pair of glasses.
Our promise is to always take the time to listen to you, understand your vision requirements and to
recommend solutions that work for you. Offering you honest advice about the fit and style of frames,
based on our wealth of experience, will help find a frame that’s perfect for you.

Discover how impartial advice can help you find the perfect look

New Spectacle Lens Pricing

This Autumn we have simplified our spectacle lens pricing, reducing some lenses and offering universal upgrade options across the whole range allowing you to easily choose the lens options you want. As you can see, Iris members save even more on these options.

New Spectacle Lens Pricing
My contact lenses are so comfortable

Our focus on junior eyecare continues

Young eyes are still developing throughout school life so ensuring your child can see
clearly and focus during periods of intense concentration is essential. For an initial
visit just before they start school our Opticians will gently examine your child’s vision
and fully discuss every aspect of their findings. Follow up visits keep a check on their
developing visual system ensuring any issues are quickly dealt with and even as they
approach college or university, ongoing eyecare and access to our colorimetry service
will ensure they are ready for the visual challenges of a modern world.
Throughout your child’s life you can rest assured they’ll receive outstanding eyecare,
funded by the NHS, from Opticians dedicated to clinical excellence.

Clinical Feature

Optical Coherence Tomography, or OCT is an emerging and
revolutionary imaging technology that allows our Opticians to see beyond the visual examination and view, in amazing detail the structures of the eye.
Used both for diagnosis and as a preventative tool, the images can reveal the smallest cellular changes in the function and structure of the eye long before you experience any symptoms, allowing for a rapid intervention and preventative treatments.
Available at our Crownhill Practice - by appointment only


Often considered a form of Therapeutic Optometry, colorimetry
uses the science of colour to influence how our visual system interprets
and deals with high contrast text such as that found in many text books
and novels.
Some people, when reading, experience visual fatigue, an inability to track from one line to the next and often a slow reading speed.
Our trained staff, using specialist equipment, can prescribe advanced filter lenses, with or with a prescription to alleviate these symptoms.
Available at our Crownhill Practice - by appointment only


It’s all gone a little bit retro

Discover the new ranges from Tiffany,
Jimmy Choo, Pierre Cardin, Hugo Boss,
Ghost and Oasis.


Made to measure

Design your own frame, perfect fit and handmade just for you.



Revolutionary 3D colour imaging of the whole eye. Now available

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