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Exploring Sun Protection Eyewear

Exploring Sun Protection

This month we're taking a look at sun protection.

When it comes to offering advice on the best type of sun protection we are always keen to discover the solution that is likely to best suit your needs. Sunglasses can form an essential part of your vision correction and even enhance your experience in many activities and sports.

Simple tints will reduce the amount of light entering the eye and assist with glare from reflected sunlight on white walls and windows. However, if you sail, drive for a living or engage in sports, something a little more advanced may be required.

Specialist tints and coatings provide a greater degree of protection by scientifically adjusting the various frequencies of light that reach the eye. The effect can be to increase contrast, eliminate intense reflected sunlight from water and wet roads and to boost specific colours which can be ideal for sports.

There are now a number of manufacturers, like Maui-Jim, that produce hybrid lenses combining multiple filters, tints and coatings. The level of comfort, image enhancement and glare reduction really does need to be seen to be believed.

Finally, all our sunglasses provide 100% protection from harmful UV light, essential in reducing risk factors in later life. For children, we are a little more cautious about full time sunglass wear as their young eyes may still be developing and although sometimes a good idea we generally don’t recommend children wearing them for long periods of time. We do however offer clear lenses with 100% UV protection which they can wear all the time.



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